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Company Overview

Protium Technologies - Hydrogen

Aiming to be a significant player in the hydrogen economy, we’ve launched a commercial division. Now, as Nitto’s DX Tapes’ distributor in the UK and MENA, we intend to become a one-stop shop for all hydrogen-related products, by introducing system integration solutions, obtaining distribution rights, and providing consultancy services to end-users.

Protium Technologies - Water Treatment
Water Treatment

The water-scarce MENA & GCC regions motivated us to innovate our novel technology using RO reject wastewater. Our water treatment system in the UAE utilizes green hydrogen to treat the hypersaline effluent (brine) that is produced after water desalination. Through this methodology we are paving the way for a sustainable wastewater recycling system.

Protium Technologies - Bio-Hydrogen
Bio Hydrogen

We're currently developing the world's first (net-zero emission) Bio-Hydrogen powertrain concept for aviation, and hard-to-decarbonise transportation sector, in the UK through a novel enzymatic bio-hydrogen production pathway that can potentially generate a high yield of bio-hydrogen from a lightweight waste substrate.

Protium Technologies is a UK and UAE startup that focuses on sustainable green energy and the meaningful use of hydrogen by offering zero-emission technologies and innovative solutions.

We established our business to help industrial companies in key segments such as energy, hydrogen, and ammonia, in addition to universities and research institutes, by providing them real-world energy and climate solutions.

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, innovative products and technologies that address the world’s most pressing global environmental and sustainability issues.

Scope of Work

Protium Technologies - Our Mission
Our Mission

We're here to accelerate the clean energy transition by providing zero-emission technologies, supporting the transition to solutions that are accessible for all, and implementing a sustainable business model. We're aiming to become a leading go-to company in hydrogen, both commercially and innovatively, especially in the R&D field.

Protium Technologies - Our Vision
Our Vision

The only way to guarantee a better future for our children is by making the world cleaner and protecting our planet together. Protium Technologies strives to achieve that goal until we reach net-zero and access to an ecosystem of renewable and affordable technologies, and sustainable infrastructure.

Protium Technologies - Our Message
Our Message

As an active fighter against climate change, we highly believe that it's our responsibility to facilitate the transition toward a greener economy. Standing at a new historical starting point, Protium Technologies strives to use our advanced technological developments to save the planet and make a difference to human life.

Our Journey

Our journey started in July 2021, when Protium Technologies UK was founded by Muthana Shirzad to lead his own PhD research. As an aerospace engineer, striving to develop efficient and sustainable solutions to make the world cleaner, and with a solid track record in the aviation industry, he was perfectly placed to launch this innovative tech startup.

Mr. Shirzad started his Bio-hydrogen research in June 2020, and by February 2021, he had a breakthrough in designing a novel enzymatic bio-hydrogen production pathway from organic waste material that can potentially generate a high yield of bio-hydrogen from a lightweight waste substrate.

In September 2021 a patent was filed in the UK, and Protium Technologies UAE was established to focus on developing a novel sustainable wastewater treatment system in the UAE, in collaboration with SRTIP. By June 2022, we were officially appointed as Nitto’s Hydrogen and Ammonia detection tapes distributor for the UK and the Middle East region.

Looking forward, we are working to expand our distributorships platform, obtaining product distribution rights for certain territories, and aiming to be a significant player in the hydrogen economy, commercially and innovatively. We intend to make Protium Technologies a one-stop-shop for all hydrogen-related products and solutions and welcome working with new partnering corporations and foundations.

“Our distinguished vision stems from our love for planet Earth, we are utterly focused on innovating and promoting eco-friendly, yet cost-effective, solutions that will help humanity in a sustainable transition to a decarbonized future, endeavouring to be recognised as a company that helped in the fight against global warming for generations to come.”

Muthana Shirzad

Chief Executive Officer of Protium Technologies

Our Team

We look at challenges from a different point of view. Our team is a small group with a big mission, which consists of players who work hard every day to make a difference in businesses, communities, and to the planet.

We seek scientific and engineering solutions in the UAE & UK to the grand challenges of our time. We see a future that is a low carbon, healthy environment using sustainable energy and securing the future of our nations.

At Protium Technologies, we focus on the use of hydrogen as a clean energy vector, in multiple meaningful applications. With our R&D and Commercial path, we demonstrate the potential of hydrogen and its ability to be implemented now!

Our Values

There are three types of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened. We all have a choice. You can decide which type of person you want to be. I have always chosen to be in the first group.
Mary Kay Ash 1981 – 2001

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